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          Frequently servicing of your car Air Conditioning AC System will guard against malfunctions,
          and regular maintenance will save you money and guarantee your comfort in the hot days.

  • Odour smells coming from the air conditioning may be caused by bacterial build ups in the vents system.
    As your car becomes older or when the air conditioning system is used infrequently, bacteria and micro-organisms
    in the evaporator causing unpleasant odour in you car. Also the air conditioning drain if is plug by dirt and the water
    stay in evaporator housing, causing unpleasant smell coming from the vents.

    This problem can be solved by using an anti-bacterial treatment that destroys the bacteria growth
    Spray anti-bacterial in to the vent out side the car on the Van fun motor on high speed position.
    Check if the AC evaporator housing drain is plug, clean up the drain, the drain house is located in the engine compartment on the back wall.

  • If your feel the air coming from the vents is not cold enough, then you may need to service Air Conditioner and check for gas leaks.
    The leakage can be caused when AC system is not used during the winter. Most problems of this type can be fixed easily by a leak check of your AC system and by complete refill of the air conditioning refrigerant gas.

  • Running your air conditioning from time to time year round, will help maintain AC system.
    If you run the air conditioning in the winter it will help to keep the system well lubricated and leak tight. It keeps the seals and hoses lubricated, thus preventing them from drying out oring seals and cracking which can lead to gas leaks.
    AC compressorAC Compressor is attached to the engine, connected by belt

  • Noises coming from the air conditioning when on, should be attended to at once.
    If your AC suddenly starts making noises you have not heard before, have a qualified vehicle mechanic to have
    a look on it. Some noises could be early symptoms of a compressor failure, the compressor is the air conditioning pump. Compressor is the most expensive part on the AC system and if the compressor break down or if the compressor seizes up, it also means that other components can become contaminated with metal particles.

  • Don't worry about water forming or dropping under your automobile, after using air conditioning.
    Water is a normal feature of the system as it is only water dripping from the air conditioning evaporator. The evaporator has a drain tube to allow the water condensation from the evaporator to drain away from the vehicle.

  • Excessive moisture or water inside the car.
    Sometimes the drain house from the evaporator housing may become blocked allowing the condensation to build up inside your evaporator. If this occurs water will just build up inside your car to a point where there are damp carpets or create misting problems. The problem can be fixed by cleaning the drain house.

  • As the other systems of your car need regular service, the same for the air conditioning system.
    Compressor needs oil, vent filter collects debris and moisture. If the filter becomes blocked, then the performance
    of the Air Conditioner system will deteriorate.
  AC Evaporator cooling AC Condenser at the front, behind front grille

AC Compressor attached to the engine

 housing is located under dashboard inside the car

  AC Diagnostic Trouble Codes:
  P0530 - Refrigerant Gas Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction
  P0531 - Refrigerant Gas Pressure Sensor Circuit Performance Malfunction
  P0532 - Refrigerant Gas Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input
  P0533 - Refrigerant Gas Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input
  P0534 - Refrigerant Gas Charge Loss Low Pressure
  P0645 - Compressor Clutch Relay or Circuit Fault

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