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How to talk, to auto insurance agent

You should know never lie to your insurance company,  that would be fraud.
But what you say and what you do does matter. Moreover, it could mean the difference between how much an automobile accident, is covered and what impact it will have on your premium.

Keep in mind when dealing with your auto insurance:

1 - Never admit fault, let it all get figured out by insurance companies.
Even if it is your fault, don't come out and say it, taking the blame could mean that your insurance is picking up
100% of the claim.

2 - Don't give your opinion.
Many times your opinion of a situation is not totally accurate and it could hurt you, use the words "in my opinion."

3 - Never leave the scene, stay until the police come.
Even if is your fault, the other driver could exaggerate the degree of accident or say you just drove away that could lead to more problems.

4 - Make sure the other driver gets the ticket.
If you're involve in an accident, where the other driver was clearly at fault.
It's proof that it wasn't your fault.

5 - Report every ailment and medication.
Most insurance policies will require at least a urine sample and often a blood test.

6 - Avoid using Whiplash to describe that pain in your neck. Muscle injuries don't show up on X-rays.

If the insurance company find out you've lied about something, they will enforce your policy to the letter.
Telling the truth is always the best policy


When collision happen !

What not to do after an accident:

Do not give a recorded statement to the other driver's insurance company. It can be used against you later on.
   Insurance companies must ask you for your permission in order to record an interview.

• Do not make friendly conversation with the adjuster, stick to business and only tell them the "who," "what," "when"   and "where." Don't even tell them the "how".

• Do not give out any information about your family.

• Do not give out the names of your doctors and contact information.

• Do not sign a medical release. Law protects your medical records.
  Iinsurance companies may use this release to dig through all your medical history.

Report accident to Collision Reporting Centre

Collision Reporting Centre is a facility created to help motorists in reporting motor vehicle collisions.
This service is currently available in a number of urban centres. No fees are charged.

Before going to a Collision Reporting Centre
  1. If it is safe, remove vehicles from the roadway.
  2. Call Police 911 to ensure police presence is not required, obtain location of closest Collision Reporting Centre.
  3. Exchange information with the other involved parties, including independent witnesses: names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance companies and vehicle particulars VIN number.
  4. As soon as possible, bring your vehicle to the Collision Reporting Centre
  5. Bring documentation with you to the Collision Reporting Centre: driver's licence, ownership and car insurance.
When you should go to Collision Reporting Centre

Any driver involved in a collision where damage to vehicles or property is more than $1,000 may report the collision to a Collision Reporting Centre. Police will come to the scene when one or more of the following situations apply.

The exceptions:

  1. Collisions involving injury or death.
  2. Criminal activity involved in collisions: impaired driving, stolen vehicle, assault.
  3. Collisions involving federal, provincial or municipal and transit vehicles (TTC, GO).
  4. Collisions involving a person who is uninsured or is a suspended driver.
  5. Collisions involving vehicles transporting dangerous goods.
  6. Collisions involving damage to private, municipal or highway property.

Without exception, towed vehicles must go directly to a Collision Reporting Centre.

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