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 Winter tires are not only better perform in snowy conditions, they also perform better on cold, dry pavement.

Don't wait for snow, change tires when the temperature starts to drop to 5C°, it’s already time to put winter tires. Winter-Snow tires offer superb traction in snowy and icy conditions, when temperature is below freezing.

Studded snow tire            Winter tire
Studded Snow Tire                                                                Winter Tire
winter tires  Look for Winter-Snow tires sign

• Best winter-snow tires - Michelin X-Ice Xi2
Michelin's newest winter tire aces even the toughest Scandinavian tests. It clings tenaciously to snow and ice, while driving more quietly and offering less rolling resistance and therefore better gas mileage than other winter tires. However, the Michelin Xi2 is more expensive than the competent.

• Budget winter-snow tires - General Altimax Arctic
The General Altimax Arctic handles winter roads well, the general grips almost as well on ice, just as well in snow, and good on wet pavement. The General Altimax Arctic are noisier and less comfortable, with higher rolling resistance, mean lower gas mileage. Unlike the Michelin, the General can be studded for maximum ice grip. Neither tire brakes or handles well on dry roads, for that you need a performance winter tires.

• Studded winter-snow tires - Nokian Hakkapeliitta 5
For drivers in harsh winter regions who find they get the best results from studded tires, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 5 is the best of the bunch. The Hakkapeliitta 5 slogs through deep snow and brakes on slick ice better. However, the Hakkapeliitta 5 is best for truly harsh winter it doesn't handle wet asphalt as well as a good studless tire, and it is expensive. Be aware that some regions restrict the use of studded snow tires, becuse of road damage.

• Mild winter-snow performance tires - Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60
Offer better snow and ice traction than its predecessor, the performance winter tires aren't designed for harsh winters, they're designed to keep performance cars sure-footed in cold weather, and experts say they're far more agile on wet and dry roads than traditional winter tires with slow speed ratings.

winter tire
Hankook I Pike RC01 - Winter Tire

A special blend of tread polymers provide optimum performance in snow and rain.
Directional tread pattern offers resistance to aquaplaning and excellent handling in wet conditions

Price from $ 45
winter tire
Uniroyal Tiger Paw Ice and Snow - Winter Tire

Richly siped tread surfaces, deep tread grooves and a special winter traction compound ensure great traction in ice and snow.
High technology winter polymer compound that maintains molecular adhesion that keeps optimal tread flexibility at low temperatures.

Price from $ 70
winter tire
Pirelli Winter Carving - Winter Tire

Studdable tire, offering exceptional grip on icy surfaces.
Multiple siping, outstanding stability and optimized stud layout.

Price from $ 71
winter tire
General Tire Altimax Arctic - Winter Tire

The General Altimax Arctic winter tire has a multi angle sipe system which enhances traction in high angled turns and straight ahead driving.
Directional tread pattern amplifies water and snow evacuation.

Price from $ 76
winter tire
Goodyear Nordic - Winter Tire

Specifically designed for traction in Canadian winter V shape tread design.
Optimized for efficient water evacuation and improved performance in slush.

Price from $ 79
winter tire
Michelin X Ice Xi2 - Winter Tire

Advanced Tread Block with Micropumps ensures optimal contact with the road.
A combination of multiple sipes and micro pumps with a rubber silica based Flex Ice technology ensure maximum grip.

Price from $ 86
winter tire
Dunlop Graspic DS 3 - Winter Tire

The Graspic DS-3 helps deliver traction in lower temperatures for enhanced control without the need for studs.
Premium silica based glass fibre tread helps tread remain soft at lower temperature for enhanced ice traction and control.

Price from $ 87
winter tire
Continental ContiIce Contact - Studded Winter Tire

Large surface area for stud fixing allows for optimal distribution of weight between the stud and the ice, providing greater safety and driving comfort.
3D rip tread, tie bars design in crosswise grooves offers optimal handling on many different road surfaces.

Price from $ 106
winter tire
Continental Extreme Winter Contact - Winter Tire

Delivers serious performance in winter weather conditions. Engineered with an advanced tread compound and structured siping to dramatically improve ice and snow traction.

Price from $ 107
winter tire
Goodyear Ultra Grip - Winter Tire

Aggressive tread pattern offers superior traction in rain, snow and ice.
Outstanding stability provided by optimal stud pin arrangement, wide tread and square profile.

Price from $ 109

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Winter-Snow Tire Brands
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Continental go
Cooper go
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Hankook go
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Wintermark go
Yokohama go
  • Polaris 2
  • NorPolaris
  • SnoVanis
BF Goodrich
  • Winter Slalom
  • Winter Slalom KSI
  • Commercial T/A Traction
  • Blizzak DM-Z3
  • Blizzak DM-V1
  • Blizzak LM-25 RFT
  • Blizzak LM-25 4X4 MOE
  • Blizzak LM-25 4X4 RFT
  • Blizzak LM-50 RFT
  • Blizzak LM-60
  • Blizzak LM-60 RFT
  • Blizzak MZ-03
  • Blizzak MZ-03 RFT
  • Blizzak W965
  • Blizzak WS-60
  • Blizzak LM-18
  • Blizzak LM-22
  • Blizzak LM-22 RFT
  • Blizzak LM-25
  • Blizzak LM-25 4X4
  • Blizzak REVO1
  • Blizzak WS-50  
  • Winter Dueler DM-Z2
  • ContiWinterContact TS760
  • ContiWinterContact TS790
  • ContiWinterContact TS800
  • ContiWinterContact TS810
  • ContiWinterContact TS810S
  • ContiWinterContact TS830P
  • Conti4X4WinterContact
  • Conti4X4IceContact
  • ContiExtremeWinterContact
  • ContiCrossContactWinter
  • ContiVancoWinterContact
  • ContiVancoViking
  • ContiVikingContact3
  • ContiWinterViking 2
  • Artic Claw Winter TXI
  • Artic Claw Winter XSI
  • Avon Ice Touring
  • Avon Ice Touring ST
  • Avon Ranger Ice
  • Avalanche X-Treme
  • Mastercraft Courser MSR
  • Mastercraft Glacier-Grip
  • Mastercraft Glacier Grip XT
  • Mastercraft Glacier-Grip II
  • Motomaster Total Terrain W/T
  • Dean Wintercat SST
  • Dean Wintercat XT
  • Discoverer M&S
  • Discoverer M&S Sport
  • Discoverer M&S 2
  • Saxon Snowblazer
  • Tempra WinterQuest
  • Trailcutter Radial M&S
  • Weathermaster Snow
  • Weathermaster Sport
  • Weathermaster S/T 2
  • Wintercat STT
  • Wintermaster Plus
  • Wintermaster XRT Studless
  • Graspic DS-1
  • Graspic DS-2
  • Graspic DS-2 DSST
  • Graspic DS-3
  • SP Winter Sport
  • SP Winter Sport DSST
  • SP Winter Sport 3D
  • SP Winter Sport 3D Run-on-flat
  • SP Winter Sport M2
  • SP Winter Sport M3
  • SP Winter Sport M3 DSST
  • Grandtrek SJ4
  • Grandtrek SJ5
  • Grandtrek SJ6
  • Grandtrek WT M2
  • Grandtrek WT M3
  • Grandtrek WT M3 Run-on-flat
  • Firehawk PVS
  • Winterforce
  • Winterforce UV
  • Altimax Artic
  • NordFrost C
  • NordFrost 5
  • Eagle Ultra Grip GW2
  • Eagle Ultra Grip GW3
  • Eagle Ultra Grip GW3 EMT
  • Ultra Grip Ice
  • Ultra Grip 7
  • Ultra Grip
  • Ultra Grip Performance
  • Ultra Grip Performance 2
  • Ultra Grip SUV
  • Ultra Grip SUV Run-on-flat
  • Goodyear Nordic Winter
  • Aurora W403
  • Aurora W602
  • Hankook I*Pike RW07
  • Hankook Icebear W300
  • Hankook I*Pike W409
  • Hankook I*Pike RW11
  • Kingstar W411
Kelly Springfield
  • Winter Snowmark Radial HT
  • Snowtrackker Radial ST/2
  • Wintermark Steel Radial HT
  • Magnagrip Radial HT
  • I*Zen Stud KW11
  • I*Zen XW KW17
  • I*Zen WIS KW19
  • Ice Power KW21
  • I*Zen KW23
  • I*Zen Stud KW11
  • I*Zen KW15
  • I*Zen WIS KW19
  • Ice King KW21
  • Winter King
  • Traction King Plus
  • 4 x 4 Alpin
  • Arctic Alpin
  • Latitude Alpin
  • Latitude Alpin HP
  • Latitude X-Ice
  • Latitude X-Ice Xi2
  • Pilot Alpin
  • Pilot Alpin PA2
  • X-Ice
  • X-Ice Xi2
  • Primacy Alpin PA3
  • Pilot Alpin PA3
Nokian Tyres
  • Hakkapeliitta 10 LT
  • Hakkapeliitta 2
  • Hakkapeliitta 4
  • Hakkapeliitta 5
  • Hakkapeliitta 5 SUV
  • Hakkapeliitta C2
  • Hakkapeliitta CQ
  • Hakkapeliitta CS
  • Hakkapeliitta LT
  • Hakkapeliitta Q
  • Hakkapeliitta R
  • Hakkapeliitta R SUV
  • Hakkapeliitta RSi
  • Hakkapeliitta SUV
  • Nordman 1
  • Nordman 2
  • Nordman 4 SUV
  • Scorpion Ice & Snow
  • Winter Carving
  • Winter Carving Edge
  • Winter Chrono
  • Winter 190 Snowcontrol
  • Winter 210 Sottozero Serie II
  • Winter 210 Snowsport
  • Winter 210 Sottozero
  • Winter 240 Snowsport
  • Winter 240 Sottozero
  • Winter 240 Sottozero Serie II
  • Winter 270 Sottozero Serie II
  • Snowtrakker Radial ST/2
  • President Winter Radial HT
  • Ice-Grip 2
  • Sport Grip
  • Speed Grip
  • Master Grip
  • Winter Grip
  • Garit KX
  • Observe G-02
  • Observe G-02 Plus
  • Observe G-03
  • Observe Garit HT
  • Observe GP4
  • Observe X-10
  • Open Country G02 plus
  • Snowprox S950
  • Snowprox S952
  • TigerPaw Ice & Snow
  • Laredo HD/T
  • Magna Grip HT
  • Steel Radial HT
  • ADVAN Winter
  • AVS Winter
  • Ice Guard IG10
  • Ice Guard IG20
  • Ice Guard IG721
  • Geolandar I/T+
  • Geolandar I/T G072
  • S401

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